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Dr. Muthu Kumaran - Chief Paediatric Cardiologist at Apollo Children’s hospital.

Dr. SajanDr. Muthu  Kumaran is the chief paediatric cardiologist at Apollo Children’s hospital. He is an internatonally trained surgeonwith previous work experience at many international locations including the Southampton General Hospital at Southampton, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, [Jessop wing], Northern General Hospital and Sheffield Children’s Hospital at Sheffield, Rotherham District General Hospital at Rotherham,  Scunthorpe General Hospital at  Scunthorpe, Bronglais General Hospital at Aberystwyth and Stanley Government Hospital, Chennai, India
His team at the centre has performed around 250 cardiac surgeries and 175 cardiac interventions since February 2009.

They routinely perform the following:


  1. Trans-thoracic: 2D and 3D echo done routinely
  2. Trans-oesophageal: Well versed in TOE in paediatric and adult population
  3. Foetal Echocardiography: I have been trained in foetal echo throughout my training period. I am performing and interpreting images at 18 weeks gestation and counselling parents regarding the management plan.

Electro physiology

  1. Reporting Exercise test and 24 hr ECG tests
  2. Management of patients with Temporary and permanent pacemakers.

Interventional Cardiology

  1. Diagnostic Cardiac catheterisation
  2. Interventional Cardiac Catheterisation: I have done the following procedures
    1. ASD closure
    2. VSD closure
    3. PDA closure
    4. Balloon pulmonary/aortic valvotomy
    5. Balloon septostomy
    6. Coarctation stent/Balloon angioplasty
    7. Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation


M.B.B.S - The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, India. Feb -1997

POSTGRADUATE QUALIFICATIONS:                         

M.R.C.P.C.H. (UK) - Jan 2000

D.C.H -  October 2001

CCST (Paeds Cardiology UK) -  Nov 2007

Academic Publications

  1. A rare presentation of Testicular swelling associated with Right sided Endocarditis. MC Sivaprakasam, P Govindaraj, JJ Vettukattil. Cardiol Young. 2005 Oct;15(5):532-3.
  1. Annuloplasty of the Regurgitant Mitral valve following Myocarditis in children MC Sivaprakasam, AP Salmon, JP Gnanapragasam, JL Monro, S Livesey, BR Keeton JJ Vettukattil Ann Thorac Surg. 2005 Nov;80(5):1922-4.
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