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High costs of healthcare and long waiting lists in developed nations combined with affordability of international travel, improving technology, medical expertise and quality of care at affordable rates in developing nations has led to a recent increase in the volume of medical value travellers.



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What is medical value travel/ medical tourism?

It is the act of travelling from one’s own country to other countries to obtain medical care. High costs of healthcare and long waiting lists in developed nations combined with affordability of international travel, improving technology, medical expertise and quality of care at affordable rates in developing nations has led to a recent increase in the volume of medical value travellers.

What is second medical opinion?

We help you connect with experienced and internationally trained doctors from a number of JCI accredited facilities across Asia to get alternative opinion about your medical condition and treatment options.

How will you help me?

We have partnered with an extensive network of internationally accredited hospitals that have been handling large volumes of international patients have dedicated departments to cater to the needs of their international patients. We will assist you in establishing contact with a physician from one of our partner hospitals of our choice and get you a treatment and cost quote.

How do I know that the quality of care is excellent?

We strive to provide quality care at discounted prices, so the quality of our partner hospitals is our prime concern. We only work with internationally accredited hospitals that meet or exceed our high standards of care. To ensure exceptional service, we select out partner hospitals after extensive research on their service delivery and accreditations.

What training and background do the physicians at your partner hospitals have?

Many of the physicians in our hospital network are trained in the US and/or the UK. They are carefully recruited based on their experience and expertise.

What are the facilities like? Will they be hygienic like hospitals that I am used to?

The facilities at our partner hospitals are state of the art. Our hospitals are internationally accredited like JCI, which ensures that they adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and care. Joint Commission International (JCI) is the international arm of the US-based accreditation body Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). In JCI, there are 565 standards divided into 197 core standards that must be met to achieve accreditation and 368 other standards that lead organizations to best practice levels. These standards are further divided into 1033 measurable parameters, which focus on aspects such as patient safety, patient rights, facilities, and physicians` credentials besides policies and procedures of the organization. To get accredited, a hospital will have to fully meet most of these parameters and the remaining ones at least partially.

Will the hospitals have the latest medical equipment and use the latest medical technology?

Our partner hospitals generally have state-of-the-art facilities and all the latest equipment you would find in Western hospitals. Most of our hospital partners have latest equipments, like the 64-slice CT scan and 320 slice CT scan, cyber knife technology etc.

How is the nursing care/staff?

Our Partner hospitals offer excellent registered nurse coverage. The ratio of nurses to patients is generally significantly superior to that of Western medical centres
Will they speak my language?

The physicians and nurses and most allied health workers at our partner network speak fluent English. For languages other than English, the partner hospitals will arrange for the service of a translator.

How much can I save?

Medical fee in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia are driven by insurance and administrative costs. Labour overhead etc. At our extensive network of hospitals, you will receive quality medical care for about 60-70% less than the standard fees paid at your home country. Please note that this cost benefit primarily due to the currency exchange rate difference and it does not compromise on quality.

What services will my quote cover?

The quote that you receive is an estimate that is arrived at by one of the hospitals in our network of hospitals. It will include consultation fee, hospital fees, physician charges, surgical fee, and anticipated meal and stay charges based on your expected hospital stay, registered nurse coverage. Each quote will accompany specific terms and conditions for the quote.

When are the payments due?

You are required to make an advance deposit of the estimate quoted by the hospital/doctor at the time of getting admitted at the respective hospital. You will be given a receipt by the hospital for this and further payment if any at the time of discharge after receiving a bill statement.

Is my information and medical history secure?

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone other than the concerned staff at our hospital network.

How many days prior to the operation do I have to leave?

It depends on the medical procedure. Your physician will advice you on how many days prior to the treatment you need to be there.

How many days after my treatment can I stay?

You can stay for as long as you like after your treatment depending on the type of visa you have obtained. India is a major tourist destination and most patients prefer to travel around the country and experience its rich and varied cultural experiences. However

What countries do you offer services in?

Our current hospital partners are located in India and we are expanding to other countries in Asia
What is the best format for Medical Reports?

You may send your lab reports in PDF or JPEG format.

What is the role of AMC?

AMC is a web based medical facilitation company and our primary role is to connect patients directly to the best hospitals in our network. Please note that AMC will take utmost care in connecting you to the largest and best hospitals and give you all possible clarity in terms of hospital, track record of the doctor and indicative cost. Beyond this , the final choice is of the patient and AMC has no role in the treatment process and absolutely no involvement thereby reserve any responsibility to the outcomes/success rates.

Do you charge for these services?

AMC does not charge for second medical opinion service and acts only as a liaison between the patient and hospital.