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Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT)

BMT is a technique used to treat malignant conditions like Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Lymphatic Leukemia, Myeloma and Hodgkin's disease. Specific cases of breast and ovarian cancers, Neuroblastoma and genetic disorders like Thalassemia have also benefited from this treatment.

Bone marrow is found inside our bones, and is the ‘factory’ that makes blood. It is responsible for producing white blood cells (to protect against infection), red blood cells (to carry oxygen around the body) and platelets (to prevent bleeding). Stem cells are blood cells at their earliest stage of development in the bone marrow, before they have become committed to developing into white cells, red cells or platelets. It is these ‘mother’ cells which are the key factors in transplantation.
Our network hospitals provide both related and unrelated BMT.

Surgical Oncology

Complicated and delicate tumour excisions are performed as a part of surgical oncology.


It is a huge leap forward in the treatment of tumours. In the past, certain pathologies - especially in the Central Nervous System (CNS) - were considered largely inoperable, and at best, the chances of treatment in these cases were very slim. In such cases surgery too was risky, and irradiation not possible due to the close vicinity of highly radio-vulnerable structures. CyberKnife irradiation revolutionizes the treatment of these kind of tumours. The precision with which therapeutic X-ray can be concentrated to the right target has never been seen before. This is because, the CyberKnife is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. The source of the therapeutic X-ray (the Linear Accelerator) is mounted on a computer controlled robotic arm. It can aim a pencil like beam, exactly at the target, from any direction. This flexibility results in a ‘never seen before’ sub-millimeter precision with which the beams target, reach and destroy or arrest the lesion. It is successful in the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours anywhere in the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, liver, pancreas and kidney. It is even more reassuring as the procedure involves no incisions, anesthesia or overnight hospitalization.

CyberKnife® treatment minimizes the damage to surrounding tissues. This means you’ll be back on your feet after treatment, and treatment usually lasts from one to five days.